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Carey's Premium Pandan Coconut

Experience the Taste of Pure Coconut Perfection with Carey's Premium Pandan Coconuts.

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Fresh Pandan Coconut Supplier in Malaysia

About Carey’s Premium Coconuts

Carey's Premium Coconuts is a leading coconut grower and supplier based in Carey Island, Selangor, Malaysia. The company has established a reputation for producing some of the highest quality coconuts in the region. The company's pandan coconut variety is particularly popular, with its unique flavour and fragrance making it a favourite drink. Carey's Premium Coconuts is a trusted and respected supplier of high-quality coconuts.

Our Premium Pandan Coconuts


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Our Process


From harvest to composting, every stage of the process plays a vital role in ensuring that customers receive the best possible coconuts. Here's a rundown of how we do things at Carey's.

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Coconuts are harvested when they are fully ripe and have reached their peak flavour and nutritional value.


Once the coconuts have been harvested, they are sorted based on their size, weight, and quality. This helps to ensure that only the best coconuts are used for further processing.


Our unprocessed whole coconuts are labeled with Carey's for distribution


After sorting, the outer layer of the coconut is shaved off using a specialised machine. This removes the fibrous outer layer for easy consumption.


The leftover waste materials, such as coconut shells and husks, can be composted and used as a natural fertiliser. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainable farming practices.


The shaved coconuts are then packaged in cling wraps. This helps to protect the coconuts during transport and ensures that they remain fresh and of high quality.


Once packaged, the coconuts are loaded onto trucks and transported to customers.


Customers who experience the taste of Carey's Coconuts are sure to be delighted by their delicious flavour and exceptional quality.

Why Choose Our Coconut?

by the sea.png

By The Sea


The perfect location of moisture, sun, and salt to the coconut crop for the most delicious and naturally sweet pandan coconuts.




Grown in nutrient-rich soil that guarantees pandan coconuts with rich flavours.




Plantations located in close proximity to customers within Klang valley for maximum freshness.

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Speedy delivery service within Klang Valley, ensuring fresh coconuts at all times. 

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Satisfaction is guaranteed, high-quality coconuts straight from the palm to your doorstep.

Our Premium Pandan Coconuts


Diamond Cut


Top Cut


Raw Cut


"I recently tried the pandan coconuts from Carey's, and I have to say, they were absolutely amazing! The coconut juice is sweet and rich in pandan flavour. The packaging was also very well done, ensuring that the coconuts are fresh and intact. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for coconuts."


Customer | 15th November 2022

"Sedap gilerr. Bau pandan wangi. Chun"


Customer2nd March 2023

"I had the pleasure of trying the pandan coconuts from Carey Island, and they did not disappoint! The coconuts were fresh and had a natural sweetness. The pandan flavor was also a great addition, giving the coconuts a unique and enjoyable taste."


Customer13th January 2023

"I inquired about the pandan coconuts via Whatsapp, and within a few seconds someone attended to me. Very impressed with their customer service. On the day of delivery, the coconuts arrived on time, and they were in good condition. The taste is also good. Take note that they have a minimum order for their delivery. Will buy from them again."


Restaurant Owner | 9th February 2023

"I first tried their pandan coconut drink at Carey's Grocer and have fell in love with the pandan flavour... Recently just ordered 50 biji from them for my niece's hawaiian themed birthday party.. Best."

Felicia T.

Customer21st December 2022

"I had the pleasure of working with the pandan coconut supplier from Carey Island for some time now, and we can confidently say that their products are of the highest quality. The pandan coconuts that we receive from them are always fresh and delicious, making them a favorite among our customers."


Restaurant Owner | 5th February 2023

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